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NotionWeaver: Weave the world together

As humans, we use computers to answer questions, make decisions, and take action. This requires bridging human thoughts, senses and expressions with computer data, input and output. The challenge is to take all those notions and weave them together gracefully. NotionWeaver is a platform for creating the web applications of tomorrow. It weaves together a semantic query engine, custom natural language processing, sophisticated web interfaces and event processing.

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Capital Markets

Financial technology has been focused on making computers faster. We focus on making people faster. Whether you are in trading, research, risk management, or compliance you have tough questions about markets and your organization’s performance. NotionWeaver opens new horizons in finance by allowing you to discover what you really want to know and take advantage of that insight.

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Meta Notions leverages the flexilibity and power of NotionWeaver and its deep technical experience to provide solutions for the Enterprise, Government and Academia

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We search the world over for the sharpest minds to solve problems and deliver outstanding results. We excel in solving complex algorithmic and architectural challenges and have core competencies in artificial intelligence, quantitative analytics, and trading systems.

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Our Blog

Read our latest insights on technology and business.

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About Our Company

Meta Notions is a US-based company that has been working since 2012 to provide a new level of intelligence and ease of use to complex software applications.

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