Overclock your mind

Financial technology has been focused on making computers faster. We focus on making people faster. It takes a great deal of time for traders, analysts, risk managers and regulators to go from ideas and questions to insight they can back up with data. The faster they can answer their questions, the sooner they can take action by trading or reporting their results.

Whether you are in trading, research, risk management, or compliance you have tough questions about markets and your organization’s performance. Answers lead to new ideas and questions, which lead to new answers. The quicker you can go through this cycle of discovery, the greater your edge.

A world of data at your fingertips

Are you taking all this data into account in real-time?

Imagine a platform that puts all this data at your fingertips and allows you to analyze it and trade based on without programming?


Get to the Point

Get directly to what you really want to know: By combining analytics with intelligent query engine, you can get to what you really want to know without doing custom programming:

  • Who are GE’s suppliers?
  • To which events did markets react unexpectedly last week?
  • What are the greatest risk factors of my portfolio?
  • Did our trades do better in volatile or non-volatile markets?
  • What is the effect of weather on wheat prices?

Connect the dots, find the gold

NotionWeaver opens new horizons by providing new sources of data at your fingertips and by making recommendations. By tying in fundamental, technical, economic, news, and other information together in one unified data model through semantic technology, you can make connections in minutes that others would take years to find.


Take Action

Feed analytical results directly into automated trading and alerts.

Capital Markets Applications