NotionWeaver is a platform for creating the web applications of tomorrow. As humans, we use computers to answer questions, make decisions, and take action. This requires bridging human thoughts, senses and expressions with computer data, input and output. The challenge is to take all those notions and weave them together gracefully:



Expressing your questions, ideas, and formulas to computers often requires great effort and expertise. With NotionWeaver’s expression bar, you can express yourself naturally and get instant feedback as the system tries to understand you. In addition to wizards and drag/drop functionality, getting the system to do what you want is a breeze.

The internet buzzes with a world of voices, both human and computer, constantly streaming information and opinions. Weaving these voices together provides insight and value you can take to the bank. But making sense of all this is a herculean task. Using our semantic query engine, text analytics, and integration of API’s and web services, NotionWeaver allows directly tapping into diverse data sources from financial data streams to social media and finding insightful relationships in real-time.

Interfaces Designed Around Your Thought Process: NotionSheets: A smarter type of spreadsheet that allows you to tie together live data, analytics and queries together for powerful and simplified analysis that runs in the cloud. NotionBoards: Smart dashboards that allow you to visualize exactly the data and analysis you need.

To learn is not just to access data and analytics. It is to ask relevant questions and get answers, and then ask deeper questions. NotionWeaver accelerates this cycle of discovery dramatically keeping you a few steps ahead of the rest. How? NotionWeaver offers users the ability to ask questions in English and ties together queries, data, and analytics to answer them. It also keeps updating you live as answers change.

Learning leads to better decisions. NotionWeaver not only gives you analytics, but also predictions, recommendations and live updates. It helps you evaluate options and ideas based on evidence without going through all the legwork of finding data and manually creating spreadsheets. Make sharp decisions in time to act.

From buying and selling stocks to suspending credit cards after fraudulent activity, responding to critical events often cannot wait for human attention. With unprecedented flexibility, NotionWeaver allows easily setting up triggers and constraints based on changing data or analysis. This is made possible through NotionWeaver’s complex event engine and ability to integrate transactional API’s and business systems.


Semantic Web technology promises a more intelligent web where websites “understand” their content and can answer questions.  NotionWeaver takes semantic technology to new heights. It enables building intelligent applications that weave functionality, analytics and data into a semantic model that can be controlled by human language and smart graphical interfaces.   NotionWeaver speaks the semantic standards from RDF, OWL and SPARQL, but goes beyond that to integrate with web services, code and even natural language.

Don’t search. Express! NotionWeaver’s Expression Bar provides a new way to interact with computers. Most natural language interfaces are still limited to simple queries such as setting reminders or getting directions. NotionWeaver opens the way to complex questions and commands in domain-specific applications. It does this by meeting humans half way.  Our guided natural language interface makes sure you and the computer are on the same page (or rather, word). It provides feedback and suggestions while you’re talking or typing and also gives you the opportunity to clarify. This not only greatly increases the chances you’ll end up with an answer to your question, but it also helps you formulate your own thoughts. With NotionWeaver, you don’t talk TO computers, you stalk WITH them.

Organizations either buy or make software systems to provide services, run operations and more. So far, it has been difficult or impossible to move to more intelligent semantic systems because integrating with other systems is very challenging and semantic languages don’t understand functionality, only data models. NotionWeaver bridges the gap by converting all semantic data models into code, enabling attachment of functionality to semantic types, and enabling easy integration with existing libraries, applications, and web services. Now your systems can be queried and triggered from semantic queries (through SPARQL), English, or our smart UI’s.

Complex analytics and functionality often involve more than English. That’s why we built the NotionWeaver expression bar to understand both math and English. NotionWeaver integrates a rich array of mathematical functionality to pack a punch in analytic and quantitative applications.

To make a smart system is one thing. To make working with it easy, powerful and visually rich is another.  NotionWeaver allow building web applications that put a world of information and functionality at your fingertips, provides smart configurable dashboards, the analytic power of spreadsheets and the ease of use of natural language interfaces. Plus, through its custom content management system, toolboxes, reports and other UI features can be configured using English or SPARQL. This provides a new level of intelligence to web applications without coding.

A system is only as intelligent as the breadth and scale of data it can process. From databases to XML to binary data to semantic RDF data, NotionWeaver provides the ability to integrate diverse data sources into unified data models so that they can be cross-analyzed and queried. It also scales to big data problems by allowing distributed computing and data scaling on the cloud.


Semantic Technology offers a new level of flexibility for systems to model the real-world. By combining different mediums together in a semantic platform, the flexibility of the system to adapt to new needs is unparalleled. New data sources, functionality and business logic can be added simply by changing configurations, teaching the system new information or plugging in code into common interfaces.

NotionWeaver offers unprecedented performance for smart, real-time semantic applications. We knew that to build smart and fast applications for capital markets and other high-demand industries we needed a fresh approach to semantic applications. We built our own query engine for speed: it keeps all data in memory and compiles queries into code on the fly. This allows NotionWeaver to run as smart and flexible as a semantic query engine but as fast as custom-developed server application. Woah… this is game changing.

Running on Windows Azure or your own infrastructure provider, NotionWeaver is designed to run in the cloud and be accessible anywhere from a browser. Its powerful query, analytics and event engines can scale automatically as demand varies. It’s highly “pluggable” architecture allows adding new nodes for computation and connectivity to new data sources while offering a seamless experience.